Soft on Soft

Illustration and design done by Shafiq Shaar

Effectively, the book is about two multiply marginalised people taking centre space in a world that loves them and allows them to love each other. And is thus as warm and soft and fluffy as a duvet.

K. J. Charles, author of “The Magpie Lord”
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One homebody and one extrovert make one hell of a love story.

June Bana might post nearly daily makeup looks that gain thousands of likes but Real Life June has built a wall behind which she exists with her two cats.

But with messy feelings getting in a way of an early hermit life, June begins to realize that she wants more. She wants model/actress, Sunshine Reincarnated Selena Clarke. It doesn’t hurt that Selena is amazing with cats and quiets down June’s anxiety to bearable levels.

June is given the choice of facing her anxieties about relationships to gain not only a girlfriend but also a better understanding of how far she’d go for love.

Content Warnings

Discussion of a passed-away parent in chapter 2, a depiction of a panic attack in chapter 8, mention of anti-ace language used against LI in the past, and usage of gendered slur “bitch” not in a menacing manner.


Persian-Arab, fat, anxious and pansexual main character (June). Black, fat, and biromantic and demisexual love interest (Selena).

Queer, fat, nonbinary secondary character (Shelby).

Bisexual Arab parent (Zahra, June’s mom).