Velvet: A Yujin and Alex Extra

I asked my lovely followers on Twitter and I am delivering an extra cute scene where Yujin rescues a kitten, which fall in love with Alex. Alex and Yujin are characters from Ravenous, the third story in Graham’s Delicacies. For more, make sure you follow me on Twitter! I will be doing more of these shorts.


The November chill was definitely settling into the air. Alex shivered as they made their way into the foyer, removing their shoes, and blissfully slipping into the bulky pink rabbit-eared indoor shoes had Yujin gotten them. He’d gone on a two weeks long trip to visit family in Korea. He came back loaded with soft gifts, but the slippers were Alex’s favorite.

The living room was unusually quiet. Yujin and Daniel would usually be taking over the couches, boxes of pizza splayed out and empty, headsets on, and a game playing out on the TV. The two of them always looked happy enough that Alex didn’t bother them.

Although, Alex did like distracting Yujin until he’d give them a slice of his attention. Alex’s seduction methods always succeeded. Except there was no Yujin to tease. Alex made their way into the kitchen, but it was empty, too. They checked the bedroom. Still no Yujin.

 Where is he?

Alex got their phone out and called.

Yujin picked up on the first ringtone, “Alex! Baby!”

Alex’s chill thawed over, they leaned against the counter. “Where are you? I thought you’d be home.” The word home still made Alex’s heart flip over.

“Aw, love, I am home,” Yujin replied, voice soft but the sound of his teeth clattering ruined the effect.

Alex frowned. “Where? I’m in the kitchen.” They stepped out and rechecked the living room.

“I’m in the backyard,” Yujin said. His voice definitely sounded breathless. Alex hadn’t been imagining it. And, just as Alex peeked out, Yujin was indeed in the backyard. With nothing but a sleeveless tank and a pair of compression shorts. He had a sheen about him, but Alex was too worried Yujin would catch a cold to appreciate the sight.

Alex stepped to the backyard’s sliding door. They didn’t dare open it entirely. They were too much of a summer child to welcome winter so quickly. They popped their head out.

“What are you doing?”

Yujin had been on his knees, perfect ass raised in the air, and his toned arm stretched towards the bushes. Now, he sat on his knees, looking up at Alex. Alex’s cock twitched in their work trousers.

“There’s a kitten in the bushes,” Yujin said. Alex frowned. What? Kitten? The house was fenced in. How did a kitten get in? Yujin appeared to read their mind, however.

He smirked and murmured, “Don’t underestimate cats, babe. Anyway, this one has been hanging out with its mother for around two weeks but today it’s alone.”

Alex blinked. “Two weeks? No way. I’d have noticed a pair of cats chilling in my backyard.”

Yujin gave them a knowing look. Alex’s cheeks warmed despite the cool air blowing at their face. Their hair was whipping around even. Okay, so Alex was a bit disconnected from the world when they were focused.

Alex rolled their eyes and thought to brave the cold. They figured they could dirty their pants for now and slipped onto their knees next to Yujin.

Yujin beamed, nudging them softly with one shoulder. “I think it’s a boy because… well…”

Alex snorted. “Why are you blushing ‘bout this cat’s genitals?”

Yujin’s cheeks got even redder. “I am not!”

Just then, as Alex was totally about to tease Yujin some more, the kitten popped out of the bushes. Alex gasped but he didn’t scare away. He was a mixture of brown, black, and white. With a pretty patch of black covering one eye and brown on the other. Alex’s heart melted when the kitten slowly made his way towards Yujin and them.

“Hello,” Yujin whispered. He had a can of kitten food poured out into a turquoise ceramic bowl.

“So, you’ve been trying to lure him inside?”

Yujin startled and looked guilty. It was the way he’d look when he’d been caught with a slice of Alex’s cake when he’d promise to wait till after dinner.

“Kind of?” Yujin turned back to the kitten as the furry one approached the bowl. Yujin’s smile was so fucking soft when he began eating.

Alex smiled. “Good. I mean, we were planning on adopting one anyway.”

Yujin turned to them with a grin so bright Alex felt like falling in love all over again. They cleared their throat and got up.

“Well, then. I’ll go in for my bath. If you’d like, we can go shopping for supplies tomorrow.”

Yujin looked up, holding so still as to not terrify the kitten. The look in his eyes was worshipful—Alex recognized it from when they’d make Yujin come so hard he’d turn into putty in their hands.

“That’d be awesome. I didn’t want to assume so I only got the food and the bowls.”

“You did well, kid,” Alex murmured, slipping their fingers into Yujin’s hair. The blunt end of their fingertips scratched lightly at Yujin’s scalp and he shuddered. Alex’s eyes scanned Yujin’s body. The way Yujin straightened up slightly, eyes sparkling and mouth gaping, made Alex’s cock thicken even more.

Alex’s bath was the perfect end to their day. They filled the bathtub with a bath bomb or two and laid back with a book. Fifteen minutes later, the water was getting cool and Alex’s fingertips were getting pruney, signaling the end of their bath. They dragged themself out, bathrobe feeling ultra-soft against their skin. Their hair got tangled but they couldn’t bother with it beyond the usual shampoo and conditioner. The length never bothered Alex, but as they wrapped it up in a towel, they considered a cut.

Just then, Yujin slipped into the bedroom with none other than the checkered kitten swaddled in Yujin’s tank. The scene was so adorable that Alex’s entire body lit up at the sight. It didn’t hurt that Yujin had an incredible torso and was giving Alex a lovely look. The man didn’t even look perturbed by the outdoor cold.

“C’mere, your skin is full of goosebumps,” Alex murmured.

Yujin complied, sitting down next to them on the bed. The kitten was purring up a storm against Yujin’s pecs. He was looking down at it as if were a piece of gold. Alex’s chest felt tighter. To distract themself, Alex sat sideways and wrapped up Yujin in a spare towel, warming up his skin with a couple of vigorous rubs. Yujin groaned, eyelashes fluttering blocked. He laid the kitten on the duvet then turned back to Alex with a shine in his eyes. Alex’s breath caught when Yujin leaned down and kissed them.

Toweling all forgotten, Alex moaned and lost themself in the feel of Yujin’s cool fingers against their hot skin.

Yujin’s lips were similarly cold but a couple of swipes of Alex’s tongue warmed them up. Yujin propped his hands around Alex’s hips and glided his sexy, bare chest against theirs. Alex’s bathrobe fell back as Yujin leaned even closer. Alex let their thighs spread open for him.

Yujin’s kisses were languid, sloppy, and exactly what Alex loved. It made the blood in Alex’s veins heat. their heart beat faster and their stomach flipped wildly.

Alex moved back, with the definite plan to pull Yujin back on top of them, except he perked up and away. Yujin’s eyes were glittery and his mouth red from kissing.

“What should we name him?!”

“What fits?”

The two of them turned to the little whirl of black and brown. He looked like chocolate ice-cream to Alex. Their stomach grumbled.

Yujin smiled. “How about Patchy?”

Alex wrinkled their nose automatically. “Babe, that’s so cliché.”

“Well, he is a patched-up kid.”

“Still. He should have a name that suits him.”

Just then, the kitten opened one eye, which was a brilliant brown, as if agreeing. Alex gave Yujin a knowing smirk.

“Alright, alright, we’ll wait.”

Alex sniggered. “Besides, Daniel will have a say, too.”

Yujin slapped a hand to his forehead. “Of course! How could I forget?”

Alex kissed the spot where Yujin had slapped, wrapping their arms around his neck, pulling him down as planned. They purred, “Let’s deal with that later. Let’s continue, shall we?”

The way Yujin pushed against Alex, hips first, cock hot and swollen against Alex’s erection was answer enough.







“Ah, you hesitated.”

“I didn’t.”

The kitten was a master of gymnastics. He loved naps and following Alex around the kitchen. In one week since Kitten had been in the house and Alex had to put him down a total of three times a day. The kitten’s second favorite thing to climb was the kitchen cabinets. Alex could allow the kitten on their shoulders, but their kitchen was sacred.

The two of them were currently waiting for their appointment at the veterinary office. Kitten—as Alex had taken to calling him—was napping in their lap while Yujin sulked.

Yujin had taken an impromptu break to take care of Kitten. The break involved a lot of spending the days filming videos, napping, then taking pictures of the kitten to flood the group chat with. It bothered everyone that the kitten still didn’t have a name.

Daniel, for one, hadn’t been any kind of help. He proposed ludicrous names such as “Morris” and “Bill.”

“I am not naming my kitten Bill,” Yujin had retorted, making Daniel snort then fall into a five minute long fit of laughter.

Alex had watched them both from their perch of the couch, Kitten snuggled between their thigh and the cushion. That was a reoccurring scene. Kitten clung to Alex unexpectantly.

Alex had thought Kitten would want to be around Yujin more since Yujin did all the feeding and caring. But Kitten would be there, at the door, when Alex stepped into the house, brown eyes sparkling and ready.

The fact that Yujin grumbled when the kitten got between them at night amused Alex to no end.

“Alex and Yujin?” the receptionist called out. They got up and inside.

Dr. Verma was white-haired and extremely at ease with Kitten. She manhandled him a little, which made Alex’s heart pound. Wasn’t she too rough? they wondered. She asked the two of them questions about the nature of their rescue, gave Kitten a couple of shots, assured them all about the chip and how good it’d be to have it inserted and asked Alex to fill in an information form for a schedule of shots. While Alex did that, Yujin watched over Kitten.

When she was done, Yujin hurried and approached the examination table. Except Kitten skipped him and trotted over to Alex, snuggling to their belly.

The rejection didn’t seem to bother Yujin this time, though.

However, in the car, he was quieter than usual. Alex felt a twinge in their chest at the quiet.

“Are you mad Kitten likes me better?”

Yujin startled, looked at them then looked back at the street. He was such a careful driver. “Baby, of course not.” Alex gave him a look at the red light. Yujin laughed. “I mean, I was for a couple of days, but the second we made sure he was alright and ours, I didn’t care about that.”

Alex couldn’t help their smirk.

“That’s so soft.” They slid their palm into the hand Yujin rested on the gear. When he looked at Alex at the next red light, Alex mouthed, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


“…It’s 4 a.m., babe.”

“I’m serious.”

“Okay. Velvet it is.”


“Yeah. I mean, he is as soft as velvet.”

“And you tempted me with red velvet cake.”

Alex snorted. “I didn’t tempt you.”

“Yeah, you did. Showing up looking all bothered and sexy.”

Alex’s cheeks heated up and they turned around, giving Yujin their back. They required their sleep.

Except Alex couldn’t sleep with the immense joy taking up so much space inside them. Yujin wrapped them up with his long arms and shortly after, Velvet shifted right under Alex’s covers to nestle against their neck.

“An Alex sandwich,” Yujin hummed drowsily.

Alex snickered. Perfection.

The End… for now.

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