Graham’s Delicacies Blog Tour RECAP

The past week was the release week of Graham’s Delicacies, my sophomore book, and the apple of my eyes. I had such a fabulous time writing this book, believe me. It is tropey and fun.

What made this release extra special is the effort of the following bloggers who put so much effort into writing up posts for Graham’s Delicacies.

I would like to issue a huge thank you and share my thoughts about what it is like to organize my own book’s blog tour!


Definitely a must read for all romance fans.

Prags @ The Inked In Book Blog

Grab yourself a treat, snuggle up, and pick up a copy of Graham’s Delicacies. Indulge–you deserve it.

Shelly @ Human Living Humanly

The sex scenes were so hot and well done that they had me fanning myself.

Fadwa @ Word Wonders

A perfectly delicious short story collection that ties up nicely.

Ceillie @ Candid Ceillie

The flirting in [Delectable] is on point, Sam and James have so much chemistry and they are playful but bashful and it’s really entertaining to read.

Sofia @ Bookish Wanderess

Ali continues producing great works of romance which are the perfect balance of sweet, adorable, and sexy all while featuring a diverse cast of characters.

Romana @ Romana Reads Romance

I need more stories about nonbinary characters that are more than just figuring it out.

Katie @ Bookishly Thinking

Ali’s work has always created fabulously realistic characters who are just positive enough to spark hope in your heart but three-dimensional enough to ground you in the reality of the world and contemporary genre.

Pallavi @ Maple Windchimes

Silvia: What do you like most about Graham’s?
James: The ability to eat my weight in sugar.

Silvia @ Silvia Reads Books

Interlinking stories are, in a word, fun. It’s fun to figure out how each couple’s dynamic will contribute to the next couple’s plot.

Me, featured on Nicole’s blog @ Nicole Field Writes

[Graham’s Delicacies]’s just such a freaking adorable book that I definitely found myself getting God Tier Goopy ™ over so much of it!

Zina @ Stitch’s Media Mix

Em and Alex were two of my favorite characters in this book, so I jumped at the chance to talk with them!

Nicky Tyler @ Small Queer, Big Opinions

I am 1000000% here for soft queers falling in love, and that’s exactly what I got.

Wendy @ What the Log

This isn’t one of those romance books where every sex scene is the same and where the characters cum together after bland banging. Nope, this is hot, varied sex with seamlessly incorporated consent and aftercare. A+

Meliane @ Bookish Mimich

I like how [Graham’s Delicacies] depicts the reality we should be in now, how it promotes the importance of accepting and respecting other cultures and norms.

Jayvel De Guzman @ An Introverted World

[Graham’s Delicacies] is all the soft queer low-angst foodie goodness I needed on a hard day, and I was especially glad that two of the stories had non-binary MCs!

Corey interviewing me @ Corey’s Book Corner

The familial aspect, inside the café and outside, was one of my favourites part of [Graham’s Delicacies]

Zaheerah @ As Told by Zaheerah

Graham’s Delicacies is about as sweet as can be. Whether it be the beautiful cover, the supportive relationships, or the baked goods, it delivers a book that will charm you.

Lili @ Utopia State of Mind

CEILLIE: What’s the most important trait to you in a friend or romantic partner?
Jen: Thoughtfulness.
Sam: Humor.
Alex: Persistence.

Ceillie interviewing the cast @ Let’s Fox About It

The way Alex was depicted and how they stood for their friends and what they believed in, despite going against their heart, was pleasantly surprising.

Marta @ The Book Mermaid

“Sam is pretty…I don’t know…a dad.” IM YELLIN more like daddy. NVM he just used besotted in conversation. He’s a grandpa.

Nikki @angelycdevil (Twitter)

anyone who knows me knows i will fall head over heels for characters being cute with each other while just making dinner or watching a movie at home, or in this case: cleaning an entire apartment.

Elin @ Annotated Paperbacks

There were some absolutely hilarious parts in which I couldn’t stop laughing and some parts that made me want to cry.

Fotini @fotini.reads (Instagram)

Jen and Emilie are so sweet together and so considerate of each other! Several of my notes on this story are simply ‘I’m soft’. I just adore these two.

Isa @ Putting Wings on Words

As you can read, the reviewers did such a splendid job. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter release.

Disclaimer that all of the applicants who requested have received an arc and this list is of all reviews / posts which were sent to me via twitter / email.

My biggest goal as a writer on social media is to respect my reviewers’ space and opinion. I am sharing positive aspects from the reviews because the purpose of a blog tour is to uplift. No one was pressured into posting 100% positive reviews.

Part of organizing my own blog tour was to be conscious of how people prefer different things in fiction. I fretted over the schedule and how people might find the posts overwhelming but in the end, these little morsels of positivity made me so happy on a daily basis.

To authors who might think of hosting their own blog tour: try it. But please be the most careful and respectful of reviewers. This assembly of readers has turned my March into a delight.

Feel free to click on to read more of their posts, as well as giving them a comment and a like. They work hard boosting books so we should definitely give back.

This has been Em, your local enby author. Thank you for reading and have a peaceful day.